A tale of two sisters, cannabis and a mystical snake! 

Finalist in Herman Voaden National Playwriting Contest 2013, Ganga’s Ganja is a full-length play about two sisters, having opted out of mainstream society who live in almost complete isolation on a wild and mystical homestead they call Seshaland (Sesha means snake in Hindi). Ganga cares for her sister, Mena who suffers from crippling Multiple Sclerosis.  Finding cannabis to be the only substance to effectively ease her debilitating symptoms, Mena has renounced her previous pharmaceutical care regime and uses cannabis instead. Their crop is stolen one night and thrusts them into misery.

Set in the near future, Ganga’s Ganja’s world derives from an imaginary logical progression of things to come if this current global situation remains unchecked.  Toxic sludge has permeated the water table, blitzing populations and reducing vast areas to wasteland, Ganga’s Ganja questions corporate imperialism and our dependence on modern pharmaceutical products. Themes include immortality, sustainability and death.

Generously supported by Storefront Theatre and presented by The G Girls, a collective of Hamilton based artists: Amanda De Freitas, Jennie Esdale, Jesse Horvath, Pam Patel, Radha Menon Senjuti Aurora Sarker and Micaela Morales, Ganga's Ganja has been a labour of love for those involved in its development and now it is ready for you to experience.

Hamilton preview dates:

Staircase Theatre, Dundurn St. Hamilton, ON

For tickets call 905-388 - 1981

April 5th, 6th, 7th  8 P.M. $20

For tickets online:

8th April 2P.M. PWYC

Feminist Fuck Festival 2018- 360 Geary Lane, Toronto

April 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22   7.30 P.M.

For tickets online: