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Second Annual Decolonise Your Ears
New Play Festival

The Second Annual Decolonise Your Ears New Play Festival is a three-day festival running in Fall 2022.

Playwright submissions

will be open in January 2022.

Playwrights chosen for the festival will be paired with a dramaturg who will guide them through script development in preparation for a final staged reading of the work. Decolonising theatre doesn’t mean tossing out the likes of Tennessee Williams, Joe Orton or the Bard. It means brown and black bodies having space and time to explore our voices, develop our practices and explore lesser-known cultural forms without having to negotiate, conform or squeeze into the parameters of Western aesthetics.


Decolonising theatre means expressing culturally specific ideas, mythologies, music, dance; IBPOC bodies occupying space in celebration of our unique identities, and subverting rigid hierarchies that inevitably harm ‘lesser’ company members, in favour of a more equitable approach. The belief that the Greeks invented theatre is a myth. Theatre has been practiced by folx all over the world since the advent of community, but has in many contexts evolved into an elitist and unwelcoming arena. This must change.

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