Quotes From Critical Reviews

The View Hamilton – Best of Theatre 2015 - Reviewer Tamara KamermansRukmini’s Gold

“This production is the wave of the future. It breaks away from the standard patriarchy and wholly embraces the voice of the other. Her writing is a genre of its own: her messages of our time”


The Hamilton Spectator, July, 2015 – Reviewer Gary Smith – Rukmini’s Gold

"In this now-finished version of Menon's play, the stakes are greater, the journey is farther and the dramatic world opened up more seductive. A work of graceful eloquence, Rukmini's Gold is a Fringe play that's a must-see."


Mooney On Theatre, July 2015 – Reviewer Maighdlin Mahoney – Rukmini’s Gold

Supporting these performances was a gorgeous script, by Radha S. Menon, that shifted gracefully between hilarity and heartbreak. Every character Menon has written is given a chance to prove themselves beautifully complex as they explore their connection to their family and their culture, their hopes and their regrets. It is a witty and honest commentary on the way our cultures meet and change, and how family pushes us apart but ties us together.”


NOW Magazine, July 2015 Fringe Best Bet - NNN Reviewer Debbie Fein-Goldbach- Rukmini’s Gold

“Menon imbues the script with intriguing historical facts and creates a strong sense of cultural and familial tradition. … The gold jewelry heirlooms that appear [in] every scene enrich the story by connecting the generations.”


The Torontoist, July 2015 – Four stars- Reviewer Martin Morrow – Rukmini’s Gold

“Touching on everything from racism and shadism to arranged marriages and workers’ rights, replete with a magic-realist framing story, Menon’s play is complex and captivating. The production... sports delightful performances from a cast of seven—some in multiple roles—under the lively direction of Wes Berger."


Burke Campbell Blog, July 2015 -Rukmini’s Gold

"Radha S. Menon is a seriously gifted writer." and "Menon has a special ability to create compelling characters. These characters don’t seem constructed. Rather, they appear to flow naturally from her particular imagination, fully realized."


The Hamilton Spectator, July, 2014 – Reviewer Gary Smith - Rise Of The Prickly Pear

“Radha S. Menon is a sensitive playwright and teller of stories. There’s always a poetic glint beyond her prose.”


The View Hamilton – Best of Theatre 2014 reviewer Tamara Kamermans

“Menon’s work speaks to the future of theatre”


The Hamilton Spectator July, 2013 – Reviewer Gary Smith- Ghost Train Riders

“Menon is a playwright with a remarkable voice. She has a gift for language that is pure and beautiful. Nothing is overworked, over-thought, over- inscribed with meaning. She gives us the truth and that’s why her play is moving and sincere.”


The View Hamilton – Best of Theatre 2013 reviewer Tamara Kamermans- Ghost Train Riders

“Menon’s writing is profound and her performers in both cases were exemplary.”


The View Hamilton March, 2013 – Reviewer Tamara Kamermans - The Circus

“ Menon is an important writer to see. Her style defies reason. She writes like a seamstress bringing together different shapes, materials and textures that are seemingly incongruous, but with one small thread, joins them in a stunning collage. This requires great vision and delicate skill.”


The View Hamilton – Best of Theatre 2012 reviewer Tamara Kamermans – Ganga’s Ganja

“Radha weaves a story like an ornate quilt. Layering the themes together in unexpected ways that keep you riveted and always looking for the pattern. However, the beauty is that like the stars, there is no pattern. This is no right or wrong. There is no friend or foe, no fair or unfair. There is simply the randomness that life offers. The one golden thread that may tie it all together is the afterlife”